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Why Being Put on Hold Drives You Crazy & How to Find The Solution

Changing the music makes customers happier Waiting on hold with an airline, cable provider or credit card company is a reliably irritating experience. So reliable, in fact, that researchers decided to study it—and might have come up with a fix. Playing pop music instead ofinstrumental elevator music may make callers less angry when someone finally answers, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.Elevator music, with an easy-listening melody that can repeat endlessly, invokes a feeling of dread in many of us. “You learn to associate that kind of background music with waiting or complaining—those things that..  - Read More

Re arrange your Karma by singing, laughing and listening to music

I am convinced from my own experience that music has a powerful effect on changing one's current mood, stress levels, and the ability to feel engaged, upbeat and to communicate better. In my previous post I mentioned that actually playing a musical instrument involves a whole lot of the billion or so neurones in our brains, causing multiple areas to fire simultaneously. This has profound effects on energy, well - being and productivity. My conclusion is that the 'appropriate' music, in the appropriate setting can definitely add to an 'in the zone' feeling. The two key words here are 'appropriate'..  - Read More

Find your professional voice with The Voice Clinic express workshops

Leaders in professional communication skills training, The Voice Clinic, will be hosting a series of express workshops focusing on a range of topics such as powerspeaking, powersales and negotiations as well as a Secretaries Day workshop. News Article Image for 'Find your professional voice with The Voice Clinic express workshops'Founded by Monique Harrisberg, author of Make Yourself Heard, The Voice Clinic has successfully led individuals and corporate groups to personal and professional empowerment, dynamic speech and new found confidence.These express workshops are guaranteed to improve your speech, making you more eloquent, confident and improve language skills as well as presentation..  - Read More

Book Review: Make Yourself Heard

Our voice is one of our most powerful “tools” that we have. The quality, resonance and pitch of our voice and how we use it has a subtle, yet significant impact on the impression we create.And women’s voices tend to be higher in pitch and softer in volume, in general. This, in the fast paced and dynamic world we live and work in, means that they may not be heard as much as they would like to be. And being heard today is a key part in positioning yourself and influencing others.Monique Rissen-Harrisberg shares many useful tips aimed at women,..  - Read More

Congratulations Johan Kruger

Congratulations to Johan Kruger from Namibia, who has won the iPhone 5 with his purchase of a 12 Week Individual Voice & Pronunciation Skype Course. Enjoy your new iPhone 5 courtesy of The Voice Clinic  - Read More

Does Music Have a Positive influence at work?

It has been known since the dawn ages of man that music and rhythm have been powerful communicators and mood influencers. Music has the ability to bond people together, raise energy levels, calm down the mood or manipulate the environment. The question is, when is it appropriate to have music in the business environment, and when will it add to productivity and when will it be a distraction in the working environment. There are many answers to this question, and the variables are huge. Perhaps first it would be important to understand what music is doing to our brains when..  - Read More

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